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Elevate & Captivate: Women in Business and Entrepreneurship Event

  • At My Sphere 1212 Broadway #Suite 300 Oakland, CA (map)

Register Today for this ACMP NorCal Partner Event

ACMP NorCal’s very own Emily Howe hosts A ONE NIGHT course to help you LEVEL UP your career as a powerful businesswoman or ambitious emerging executive, or AMP UP your entrepreneurial biz, your side hustle, and/or your big search for “what’s next, career-wise”

Your general admission ticket includes:

  • An unforgettable night of growth, learning, and fun, with mimosas and champagne sips (and sips and sips!) courtesy of Le Grand Courtage.

  • An expert panel of inspiring corporate movers/shakers, successful lady entrepreneurs, and leaderly do-gooders who are going to share their ideas and best tips from the trenches.

  • A "very best version of you" of a new headshot – or photo with your biz partner or BFF - from professional photographer (she's literally been in Oprah magazine!) Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People (and The Identity Project) fame.

  • The chance to ask experts your questions on gender, money, and success at the intimate, post-panel cocktail party.

  • Real connections who will be as excited about lifting up your biz and brand as you are about lift up theirs.

  • All the usual authenticity, diversity, and good vibes of an event by Danetha & Emily.

Expert panelists & topics:

  • Craft a captivating personal brand that doesn’t feel “fake.” JOUI TURANDOT, creative branding expert and founder of JTM Consulting.

  • Make power moves + big asks with confidence. SOFIA NAVARRO, nonprofit leader and Vice President of Community and Government Relations at Planned Parenthood Northern California.

  • Stand in your inner power + connect to your purpose. CARLYN BIALOSKY, entrepreneur and intuitive, of Consciously Connected. 

  • Elevate your body confidence + "lean in" to your dreams. - ALLI FRITZ, Choreographer, Dance Pro, & Account Executive of Oracle.

Brought to you by DANETHA DOE (financial expert for ambitious women) and EMILY HOWE (corporate gender strategist).Mar 20. 6pm. Elevate & Captivate: a crash course  (+ a free headshot) for ambitious women ready for change: make bigger asks, boost your executive presence, elevate your "personal brand". Oakland, CA.