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Personalities at Work: The Drivers and Derailers of [Change] Leadership

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Research shows specific, common traits and behaviors drive effectiveness and other traits derail it.  Moreover, the same clusters of personality traits that operate as drivers and derailers in today’s world were the same impact 50 years ago! Perhaps the only thing to not change in the world of work over the last half century.


Understand how to identify which traits are performance drivers and which derail performance is critical to facilitating positive changes in organizations. Research shows that one’s self-image may be consistent with or divergent from how others experience you… and essential to understand that others work with you based on their perceptions of your behavior, not your self-image

360 assessments can provide reliable and valid feedback on how others view your behavior and compare that to an empirical model of effectiveness.

However many self and 360 assessments marketed do not have even minimal reliability and validity. So OD consultants it is imperative to select and Incorporate quality assessments into programs – based on science not anecdote.

Results / Learning Objectives

After this session you will:

·         See the pervasive impact of personality - across professions, gender & cultures

·         Understand it is common for one’s self-image to vary from others’ perceptions

·         Recognize which traits drive or derail leadership, teamwork and communications

·         Be able to identify a solid assessment and how feedback is used to improve individuals and teams in an ever-changing work world.




Brief bio

Days after finishing clinical training in 1983, Ron Warren moved to the Silicon Valley to build computer-based assessments. His first pc-based assessment was featured in Newsweek in an article called, "Shrink on a Disk." A year later he co-founded Acumen and built an assessment that InfoWorld called "the best expert system we’ve seen to date."

After years of work in the aviation industry, Ron began development of his LMAP 360 assessment tool in 1999 with its first release in 2003.  Ron and Ornaith Keane incorporated LMAP LLC in 2006.  At LMAP, Ron provides oversight on assessment metrics and content, accepts select coaching and consulting assignments. LMAP 360 is used at Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program; Yale Global Leaders & CEO College; Wharton and Cornell programs, TFA, UL, Temasek Holdings, and over 25 healthcare systems.  Ron took 2015 and 2016 off from client work to write his book, Personality at Work -The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership, that was published a few weeks ago on Feb. 24, 2017.

Ron has a range of OD assessment, coaching, and clinical training and experience.  His PhD is from The University of Chicago, specializing in Clinical Psychology.  Ron is a Guest Lecturer at Yale School of Management, Harvard Business School, and The Wharton School. 

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