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An Evening with Richard Moran

  • Future State 2101 Webster Street #520 Oakland, CA (map)

Future State & ACMP NorCal Present a Free Event:

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The Thing About Work

The thing about work is that we love it, we hate it, we need it, we miss it, we measure ourselves by it, we judge others by it―we are addicted to it. Work often defines us and fulfills us.

Why does a CEO who has already made hundreds of millions of dollars continue to work? Why does a rock star who has made a bundle continue to tour? Why do retirees' miss work as soon as they stop doing it? Why do we all wrestle with our life's work and talk about it incessantly?

Join us as we welcome Richard Moran to discuss his latest book, The Thing About Work: Showing Up and Other Important Matters [A Worker's Manual].